czwartek, 18 lutego 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE!!! Don't Look At Me I Am Deformed - "Ha Ha Ha Oh"

Another delivery from the legend of troglodisco! Snippets of manicness inspired equally by 90s viva german dance music and teutonic ebm industrial - in attention deficit portions reminiscent of the Residents' commercial album and similar tongue-in-cheek approach to the genre.

This is a vision of dance music revelling in its own simplistic approach and playful in its bending of genre's boundaries and limitations. Like a 12 year old fed only by early dance music and armed in an array of 80s music samples and a book of "rules of disco music" that he dropped into a vat of acid for a few seconds it is concentrated on fun and simply enertaining to watch it stumble, spin and burst at the seams with forbidden energy.

poniedziałek, 8 lutego 2016

Wkrótce! Soon! Don't Look At Me I Am Deformed - Ha Ha Ha Oh

Nowy album D.L.A.M.I.A.D. powinien mieć premierę już w przyszłym tygodniu! Kolejna dawka zszytych grubą nicią pląderfonicznych sampli ułożonych we frankensztajnowe, pseudotaneczne twory, w równej mierze spokrewnione z topornym industrialem jak z niemieckim dance z lat 90tych. Mamy już dwa utwory z nadchodzącego albumu (linki poniżej), a od dziś znamy też okładkę - niczego innego się nie spodziewaliśmy. Poprzedni album Don't Look At Me I Am Deformed to "We Are DLAMIAD And You Caren't" - wydany w roku 2013.

The New D.L.A.M.I.A.D. album will premiere next week! Another portion of roughly sewn together plounderphonic samples combined into frankenstein-like, pseudo-dance numbers, equally related to pummeling industrial nad to German dance music from th 90-ties. We already know two tunes from the new album (see below) and together we also received the cover - we expected nothing else.
The former album of Don't Look At Me I Am Deformed is "We Are DLAMIAD And You Caren't" - which premiered in 2013.